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Ecolabels Quality commitments : Environnmental initiative

In 2006, the Pommeraye Hotel was awarded the Green Key label, which is renewed annually depending on the progress made.
We’re sure you’re sitting comfortably, so just take a few moments to read the passage below:

Annual environmental and economic data for 2009:

- 2,690 m3 of water
- 25,610 m3 of gas
- 114,215 kW of electricity
- 12 tons of waste
- 178 tons of greenhouse gas emissions

So, you, yes you reading this right now, you are responsible for:
- 131 litres of water
- 1.25 m3 of gas
- 5.60 kW of electricity
- 0.600 kg of waste
- 6.1 kg of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions


We’re saving water::

- We have installed water savers on our taps
- We have dual-flush toilets

- We use organic products to clean the rooms and common areas

To help, you can:

- Take a shower instead of a bath: This saves 120 to 150 litres of water.
- Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, washing your hands or shaving: this will save 20 to 30 litres.
- Reuse your bath towels during your stay: when you’d like to have them replaced, just leave them on the floor.
- Hand in your request to change your sheets at reception: they will be changed by default every four days.

We are reducing energy consumption:

- We have fitted energy-saving light bulbs
- We have installed an electric motion sensor in the corridors
- We have fitted swipe card switches to turn off the electricity 
- We have fitted double-glazed windows
- 88.45% of the electricity we buy comes from renewable energy sources
- We have fitted a gas-saving device

To help, you can:

- Ensure you don’t leave your equipment on standby: this increases greenhouse gas emissions.
- Turn off the heating when you open the windows: this will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10 to 15%

We are conserving nature:

- We recycle waste
- We have put sorting bins in the rooms
- We do not buy products that are wrapped or packaged individually
- We have installed paraben-free soap dispensers to replace individual products

To help, you can:

- Use the white bin in the room for recyclable or dangerous waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, batteries, medicines, metal, etc.).
- Use the black bin in the room for non-recyclable waste.
- Use the bin in the bathroom for tissues, cotton, organic material, hair, and sanitary products.

We are reducing pollution:

- We sell TAN tickets (tramway and bus).
- We have TAN timetables and maps of the network available at reception.
- We have cycle hire information.

To help, you can:

- Try to use public transport instead of private vehicles for your journeys

We are working with suppliers to help them with their commitments to conserve nature
We select local or organically produced products

Respecting all these commitments together can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
HOTELcert, a quality initiative
HOTELcert is a quality initiative set up in 2001 by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association and the French Union of Professions and Industries in the Hotel Business. This reference document takes into account the quality of service provided to customers that is not assessed by the current hotel classification methods.
HOTELcert is a trademark owned by the AFNOR Group.
The reference document has 622 criteria, each of which may or may not apply to hotels holding between 0 and 4 stars.
A mystery visitor assesses two parts of the reference document:
- The hotel’s services are checked from the telephone call made to make the booking right through to payment of the bill at end of the stay.
- As for documentation, the inspector pays close attention to how any customer complaints are handled.
Un audit takes place every eighteen months to ensure the initiative is being complied with.

The certified site must meet the following 7 commitments:


All certified sites bear the HOTELcert logo

This certification allows us to display the 
French Ministry of Tourism logo

Initiative led by the Pays de la Loire Chamber of Local Commerce and Industry (CRCI), and co-funded by the French government and the Pays de la Loire region.

The hotel signed the Trust Charter in 2004

-What the charter is for:
The hotel and restaurant sectors are major sources of local employment
(over 27,000 employees in the Pays de la Loire region).
CThese sectors find it difficult to recruit and retain workers.
and they also need to improve the image they put across to job seekers.

- This charter is a commitment:
made by professional organisations, the public employment service, and the employers taking part in this initiative
- Set up in order to reduce tensions in the job market and improve employment and working conditions, it is designed for professionals working in the hotel and restaurant trades.
CITOTEL CITOTEL is a voluntary hotel chain.
Définition : a voluntary hotel chain exclusively brings together independent hotel managers, who remain in complete control of their businesses and in practice have few restrictive obligations imposed by the chain. Members are linked only via a simple affiliation contract and are free to leave the chain at any time.

Created on 14th May 1994, CITOTEL has 9 administrators, including Mr. Florent Cibert and a president, Mr Michel Duret.

The association has 3 employees:

- A business manager: Mr MACE
- An assistant: Miss Emile GAVOUYERE-GUILBERT
- An accountant
203 hotels were affiliated with the chain in 2009. Most of them are located in city centres and all bear the Qualité Tourisme seal of approval.
When affiliating a hotel, an inspection mark is awarded. The comfort and services of the hotel are represented by number of ‘cushions’. The more cushions there are, the higher the quality of comfort is.
Note: the number of cushions is not linked to the number of stars the hotel has.
The hotel is inspected by a private firm every 2 years. If the hotel no longer meets CITOTEL’s quality requirements, it may lose its affiliation.

There is a large CITOTEL guide listing all of its hotels in France. The chain has a loyalty card scheme that offers:

- A free stay for the 12th night in a single room, with breakfast. Worth up to €55.
- Or a case of wine
- Or gift vouchers accepted in a wide range of locations.
Po take advantage of these offers, the customer must have stayed in at least 3 CITOTEL hotels. During each stay, a staff member at the hotel will give the customer a sticker for each night spent at the hotel.
Thanks to this system, the hotel manager benefits from special rates with the AFICOM purchasing body, national exposure, a centralised internet booking system, endorsements from several companies (such as the IMA), and more.

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