Cruise Estuaire Nantes Saint-Nazaire

From Nantes or Saint-Nazaire.
Several offers : one-way cruises, return trip, Estuaire day (boat + discovery of works in car), musical cruises (Les Ecoutilles)
From Nantes to the port of Saint-Nazaire you will see unique points of view on the villages, the flora and fauna, the works of the estuary route. On board, a guide comments your discovery: the places, their stories, their stakes …
From april 13th to october 29th 2017

La Cantine du Voyage

This fun and lively restaurant was created for the 2013 edition of Le Voyage, and is now on the menu every summer.
Reopening April 26th 2017.

Mini Golf "Voyage à Nantes" at the Camping

Starting april 1st 2017, enjoy theMini Golf at the Camping. Designed with the partnership “Le Voyage à Nantes” and imagined by the Artist Jean Bonichon from Nantes this original Mini Golf will surprise you…

Reopening of Nantes Art Museum

After 6 years of closure, the Musée d’arts de Nantes re-opens in june 2017 with 2,000 m2 of additional exhibition space, restored facades, a restaurant and a bookshop.
Reopening june 23rd 2017.
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Nantes Marathon

The Marathon of Nantes and its three additional events host more than 15,000 runners from all over France, a unique opportunity to capture the city, on 100% urban trail.
April 30th 2017

Hip OPsession

The unmissable hip hop festival reference in Europe… A variety of events and venues over 15 days.
From february 16th to march 4th 2017.
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La Folle Journée of Nantes

La Folle Journée brings out concert off the beaten track ant its conventional framework by the upheaval of the unchanging ritual and a bit stuffy traditional concert. In a limited time, the viewer navigates between the different rooms, each location having an acoustic perfectly adapted to each musical effects. The profusion of the concerts permits to the listener to renew his “musical experience”.
From february 1st to february 5th 2017.
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Noël aux Nefs

In December, the Christmas atmosphere in the Warehouses, with Christmas trees, roasting chestnuts, holiday lights in the Gallery and child-friendly events, is perfect for a family outing.
From december 17th to december 31st 2016 at the Machines de l’Ile.

Festival SOY

From october 26th to october 30th 2016, the SOY Festival invites you to listen to the cream of rock / independent folk music. Headliners like Tortoise, Cate Le Bon, Bruit Noir or Pério…

Festival of 3 continents

With exclusive premieres of works of fiction, retrospective, tribute to an actor…

This year th festival will take place from november 22th to november 29th 2016 in Nantes.

Les Utopiales

Since its creation, in 2000, Les Utopiales, The Nantes International Science Fiction Festival, has tried, as its objective, to offer works of quality to the greatest number of people, and to enable them to discover the world of futurology, of new technologies and of the fantastic. Every year, it develops a theme, while at the same time treating the yearly developments in the science fiction world.

From october 29th to november 3rd 2016 in Nantes.

Climate Chance

Local authorities, businesses, associations, trade unions, the scientific community and citizens are invited to this meeting, which should enable a global plan of action to be drawn up, offer more in-depth discussions on both achievements and obstacles, encourage the sharing of experiences and innovations, as well as highlight the opportunities emerging from this resolute fight against climate change.

From september 26th to september 28th 2016 in Nantes.

Tourist Train Tour

Enjoy the charm of this little road train for a comfortable visit of the town.

40 minutes of commented visit until september 30th 2016.

European Heritage Days

This event aims to widen access and foster care for architectural and environmental heritage. It offers opportunities to visit buildings, monuments and sites, some of which are not normally accessible to the public.

September 17th and 18th 2016.

Scopitone Festival

Artists, musicians, videomakers, sculptors and graphic designers brought together for this multimedia festival.

From september 21st to september 25th 2016 in different places in Nantes.


La Folie des Plantes

Exhibition, sale, advice, themed educational and cultural events… 180 exhibitors, producers, collectors and horticultural association. This year’s theme is “Music and Garden”

September 3rd and 4th in the “Grand-Blottereau” garden in Nantes.

Electropixel #16

Electropixel is a festival dedicated to digital, electronic and sound arts with public space. This year’s theme focuses on power, the ability to do something, to do it its own way avoiding the rules. Each artist will offer its own disturbance of space and sound through concert, installation, performance or interactive work shop.

From august 19th to august 21st 2016 in Nantes!

Exhibition "L'Inconnu me dévore"

The Palais Dobrée reopens this summer. The “Gentil Garçon” has created a labyrinthine journey in a totally renewed decor. An invitation to slip into the maze of the palace to explore the edge of the world, between knowledge and ignorance, between the visible and invisible.

Les Rendez-vous de l'Erdre 2016

From august 25th to august 28th 2016, the unique free jazz festival in France comes back with more than 100 concerts along the Erdre!


Léviathan et ses fantômes

The exhibition take visitors deep into an audiovisual immersion of the sea and examines inexhaustible watery expanses through the prism of industrial fishing.

From july 2nd to september 25th at the Lieu Unique in Nantes.

Festival aux Heures d'ete

A daily meeting for summer with a lineup of artists who are forging for dialogue between world cultures.

More than 35 shows carried by other 80 artists worlwide.

From july 5th to august 12th 2016.

The Ecoutilles Cruises

The Estuaire cruise becomes a musical journey for the summer: the Ecoutilles. DJ’s makes music on board to accompany you in the discovery of amazing sceneries of Estuaire. For the return, dancefloor is the place! From july 7th to september 2nd 2016.

Skate ô Drome

A hairraising playground resulting from the malicious mash-up of a running track, a velodrome and a skatepark.

From may 7th to october 2nd 2016 at the Cantine of the Voyage.

Bateau Ouch Cruise

Discover the Erdre river the time of an “aperitif”while tasting wines and local products. From june 16th to september 30th 2016.

Le Jardin Kadupo

From june 18th to october 18th 2016, discover the exhibition “Le Jardin Kadupo” of Claude Ponti in the Jardin des Plantes. A head of pots comes to life in the Jardin des Plantes, inviting all of us to follow them in their adventure, while a new chapter in the saga of the “sleeping chick” will be wriiten in the orangerie.

La Nuit Bretonne

Every summer, the château des Ducs de Bretagne returns to its roots, establishing itself among the major events featuring breton and celtic music. La Nuit Bretonne takes place july 23rd 2016 in an exceptional space: the castle courtyard.

Night of the VOYAGE A NANTES

The night of the Voyage à Nantes returns july 1st 2016 from 7pm to the 5th edition of the event Le Voyage à Nantes.

The program is still rich in surprises, activities and conviviality… All this in several places in the city of Nantes and all night.

SOFILM SUMMERCAMP 29 juin - 03 juillet 2016 in Nantes

Sofilm Summercamp is the festival of all cinephilies.

Without any competition, personalities are sharing their love for cinema…


Mini Golf "Voyage à Nantes" at the Camping

From june 1st to august 31st 2016, enjoy the new Mini Golf at the Camping. Designed with the partnership “Le Voyage à Nantes” and imagined by the Artist Jean Bonichon from Nantes this original Mini Golf will surprise you…

Nantes Urban History Museum

Opening of new rooms of the Nantes Urban History Museum june 18th 2016.

In the heart of the medieval quarter, the castle of “Ducs de Bretagne” welcomes the Nantes Urban History Museum.



From june 17th to june 19th 2016, the festival Hellfest comes back in Clisson, one of the leader festivals in Europe for extrem music concerts.

Hardcore, punk, grind, deathmetal, trash: more than 160 bands perform on hellfest’s 6 stages.

Take the journey

Discover the 5th edition of “take the journey” in Nantes from july 1st to august 28th 2016.

Every summer a yearly event highlights this cultural project via an urban itinerary, where city spaces are filled with both temporary and permanent artworks.

Printemps des Nefs

Every spring from may 13th to june 11th 2016, the Nefs propose live entertainment : theater, music, dance, circus, children’s shows and visual arts.

La Cantine du Voyage à Nantes

La Cantine du Voyage, this friendly spot under the greenhouses is back wednesday 4th 2016.

A way to enjoy summer sooner!

Nantes Big Parade

April 3rd 2016 for the Big Parade day, april 6th for the children and april 9th for the Big Parade Night!

Un Week-End singulier

From april 12th to april 19th 2016, twenty artist invest the Lieu Unique : Filmmaker, painter, musician…

Nantes's Fair

From april 2nd to april 24th 2016, the fair comes back at Cours Saint Pierre in Nantes!

The Trade Fair

The Trade Fair welcomes you from april 1st to april 11th 2016 for 11 days of shopping and leisure with more than 650 exhibitors…


If you had the opportunity to read the diary of your girlfriend, would you do it ? Nilson took this opportunity and makes you laugh about it ! Every monday at 8:30 pm until april 11th 2016 at the “Théatre de Jeanne”.


Before the reopening of the museum of Arts in Nantes in 2017, a photo exhibition is taking place on the railings of the “jardin des plantes” to show the work that has been  already done by more than 200 workers.


From february 6th to april 17th 2016, discover the exhibition FRAC des Pays de la Loire at the HAB Gallery. Focus on the question of interpretation, this event will bring together a hundred works based on the principle of instruction.



Until april 17th 2016, discover the exhibition at the museum of natural History of Nantes, featuring thirty works of the painter Roger Swainston with a census of all the species of the ocean.


TROMELIN, L'île des esclaves oubliés

Until april 30th 2016, do not miss the exhibition at the Castle.
This exhibition’s goal is to recall an important period of the maritime history and the question of slavery and slaves-trading in the Indian Ocean.


For more than 30 years, the planetarium of Nantes makes you discover the secrets of the Universe, thematic sessions, and to be aware of the new astonomy and astronautics.


Opening of the new shopping area of the Passage Pommeraye in march!

To be continued…